Is Electronic Cigarette Legal?

03 Jun

An electronic cigarette is a battery based device which contains nicotine based liquid solution which comes out as vapor when it is heated with an element called atomizer. After a long research when it first came in the market then majority of people were unknown about this new invention. But when people started researching about this gadget in internet they came to know that this gadget is just an alternative to the traditional cigarette. Then this electrical device became popular within every citizen in short period of time as its positive effects are numerous.
But the main question is whether use of this device legal?

This electronic cigarette has been introduced on to the market where many positive reactions came from the smokers using this electrical device but still now in many countries this electronic cigarette is not legally accepted because of various reasons, whereas some countries has accepted legally through detailed research. Let us see those countries who had accepted legally and those countries where decisions regarding its use are still now pending.

Countries who had accepted its use legally:

• In Austria: The use of this electronic cigarette is legal here as because they consider cartridges that is the ingredient to prepare nicotine as a medical product.
• In Bulgaria: It is legally accepted by Bulgaria. Thus the use of this electrical device and its sale as well is considered to be legal. Here sample of cartridge is also sold for producing medicines.
• In Germany: Here selling is done and use of this device is legal.
• In Latvia: Here also electronic cigarette is legal. And every individual has the right to buy and sale this product.
• In Italy: use of this device is only legal to those who are above 16 years old. As it contain nicotine and thus it is restricted to sell.
Countries whose decisions are still now pending:
• In Denmark: They do not consider cartridge as a medical device and thus in Denmark the decision regarding its acceptance is pending.
• In Portugal: Here nicotine is restricted and thus electronic cigarette is not allowed to use.
• In Netherland: Here selling and use is legal but its advertising is illegal.

For electronic cigarette medical licenses are not issued in many countries as well as illegal for selling and using purpose. But somehow through detailed research and knowing its benefits many countries agreed the use and sale of this product as legal.

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Electronic Cigarette Vs Traditional Cigarette

01 Sep

Electronic cigarette is an electronic gadget which is very much popular now days among the youth for those smokers who are not willing to avoid cigarette and want to continue for regular basis and for those smokers who try to reduce the use of regular cigarette. It is an electrical device that contains nicotine based solution which helps to minimize the use of tobacco smoking. This device contains a heating element which is known as atomizer that vaporizes the nicotine based liquid solution when the smoker takes a puff. Now the main part of discussion is that whether electronic cigarette is the best alternative than regular tobacco smoking or not?

Electronic cigarette is absolutely the right alternative for the smokers because electronic cigarette is much safer that the regular smoking and also it is not responsible for life risk. There are many benefits of electronic cigarette than the traditional smoking which are to be discussed step by step.

Comparison between electronic cigarette and tobacco smoking are as follows:

• Electronic cigarette does not contain any tobacco, toxins as it is an electrical device which deliver nicotine based liquid in the form of smoke like vapors when the smoker inhale and exhale. It contains taste like tobacco but it is not prepared with harmful chemicals. But regular cigarette contain tobacco which is injurious to health and which cause cancer but normally electronic cigarette contain none of these and thus it does not bring risk for life. But user can experience the same mouth to hand action as they usually do with smoking tobacco.

• Electronic cigarette form smoke like vapor when the user takes a puff but its smell is not like regular cigarette. The users are free from the smoke which irritates others. The smoke smell like sweet flavor of strawberry or flavor of vanilla.

• Users can save more than 50% of their money by transferring to electronic cigarette because if you smoke more and more or if you are a regular smoker then you can lost hundreds of dollars every month

• Those smokers want to quit tobacco smoking then electronic cigarette is best alternative and treatment as well for stopping tobacco smoking as it discharge nicotine based liquid solution in the form of vapor which not only acts like regular cigarette but also work as smoking cessation treatment.

• No ash forms when the users inhale this is because it is a battery based device which acts like regular cigarette therefore if there is no flame then there is no ash as it simply delivers nicotine solution in the form of vapor that disappears within seconds.

Now the main question is that is electronic cigarette 100 percent safe?

Nicotine falls in the category of drugs and it is little bit addictive but as it does not contain any harmful chemical and toxins it is not responsible for life risk thus it is much safe than traditional cigarette. But maximum use of anything does not indicate any good results thus you should have a limit of using any product. If you exceed then you may have to face problem that can also be the case with e-cigarette.

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Electronic Cigarette-First Step To Quit Smoking

04 Jul

An Electronic cigarette is a device which may be unknown to those people who never heard about it and about its work. But now days due to thorough internet research it comes to a conclusion that Electronic cigarette is an electrical device that contains nicotine which helps to reduce tobacco smoking. It is a device that contains vaporized nicotine based liquids with a heating element that is popularly known as atomizer for delivering pure nicotine to minimize the habit of smoking tobacco. The use of this device is popularly increasing its name and fame and within a short period its uses satisfied every individual specially the youngsters as this electronic cigarette is very much user friendly being an alternative to tobacco cigarettes and also it is safe. There are varieties of information related to Electronic cigarette which are still unknown to common people and you must know about them so that you can judge it whenever it is required.

Composition of Electronic cigarette:

It is the combination of following substituted part which works together to deliver vaporized liquid solution of nicotine to stop the use of smoking tobacco. It is the best alternative that does not contain any harmful chemicals to the regular ones. Its important parts are the following:

• Atomizer: It is a heating element which is used to provide heat for vaporizing a liquid based solution and to deliver nicotine to all those users who suffer from the habit of smoking. Vapors are released from atomizer during inhaling or exhaling and thus it gets its name of electronic cigarette. Control circuit, vaporizer and many other electrical parts are present here.

• Battery: It is a battery based device without which electronic cigarette is incomplete. It is the important part of this electrical device and it is prepared with lithium ion. The battery can be charged through USB, through car or through electric board etc.

• Cartridge: It a container where liquid based solutions are stored. When individual inhale nicotine based solution in the form of vapor is discharged.

• LED light: LED light is also present at the top of the electronic cigarette which lights up when an individual inhale.

It is discovered that the taste of electronic cigarettes is like tobacco. In regular cigarette some harmful chemicals are present which helps in the preparation of tobacco and which causes cancer and along with it nicotine is also present which falls in the category of drugs. As we know drugs are very much addictive and even small amount can also responsible for risk for life but then also electronic cigarette have very less toxic effects than regular cigarette. So electronic cigarette reviews that it is much safer that the traditional cigarettes.

E-cig reviews from different organizations:

• Different organizations have different opinions about e-cigarette reviews. World Health Organization (WHO)  has shared their opinion not to use this electrical device, they seriously advise every individual never to use such devices.

• American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP)  has advised that an individual who are not willing to avoid cigarette or not willing to quit cigarette then they can absolutely use electronic cigarette for long term use this is because it contain fewer toxins which will neither increase life risk or nor it harms human beings so it can be used instead of using tobacco smoking.

Thus ultimately it comes to an conclusion that electronic cigarette have some major advantages and some minor disadvantages but as a whole it is complete package to those individual who tries to reduce the use tobacco smoking or to those who are not willing to quit smoking and want to use for continuous basis both type of persons are benefitted through the use electronic cigarette.

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